Helpful Places Platform

Helpful Places Platform

Helpful Places Platform

Empowering people through the technology around them


How do you work with technology and places?

📍  I am responsible for a public place or innovation district

🏛  I oversee or manage technology deployments

📡  I make technologies that are used in public spaces

Used by municipalities and innovation districts around the world, the Helpful Places Platform, powered by Digital Trust for Places and Routines, gives you the tools to make the technology you deploy more transparent and legible for everyone.

📍 For Place Managers and Innovation Districts

Residents need ways to understand and interact with the smart technologies, so that trust can be fostered for their use. Our Platform helps manage information about digital technologies in a standardized way that prioritizes public communication and legibility by default.

📝 Document the technologies that exist in public spaces

Describe the technologies deployed in the public spaces you manage. We use the global open-source communication standard DTPR to help us do this. DTPR makes it easy to describe who is responsible for a given technology, its purpose, what data is produced, and where and how the data is processed and stored. This complete explanation of a technology is what DTPR refers to as the data chain.


🤝 Build trust with a common visual language

Using a global standard to describe technologies increases the public’s understanding and trust. As residents and visitors become familiar with these visual notices, future deployments of technology become more immediately understandable and actionable.


🤔 Educate residents and listen to their feedback

Share the data chains of the sensors and systems with the public. The Platform’s public interface is the Guide App, providing access to the complete data chain of a given technology, allowing them to explore each element in further detail. This interface also enables people to share their feedback on how this technology makes them feel, if they find it useful, and invites them to engage further.


🏛️  For Technology Governance

Increasingly, it’s not enough to have internal governance processes that provide oversight of how and when technologies are deployed. Those processes and decisions need to be inspectable, by everyone.

✅ Governance Workflows

Coming Soon

Manage the descriptions, approval, and procurement of sensors and algorithmic tools in your jurisdiction. Follow the status of these workflows as they go through your approval process.

📊 Sensor & Algorithm Registries

Coming Soon

Document the sensors and algorithms deployed in your jurisdiction using standards such as DTPR and the Algorithmic Transparency Standard. Make these public to your constituents, ensuring transparency and compliance.

📡  For Smart Cities Technology Vendors

Smart cities technologies can help improve outcomes to increase quality of life. Contribute to your customers’ goals for inclusion and participation by making it easy for them to communicate with residents about how your technology works.

💼 Improve your bids with Helpful Places App

Make your commitment to transparency and public engagement stand out by including the Helpful Places Platform and our consulting services when bidding for public contracts.

🛒 Gain visibility with privacy-conscious customers

Coming Soon

Develop public DTPR data chains for your technology offerings and make them available on our catalog of DTPR-powered smart city solutions. Registering your products will help your customers understand your offering and reduce the time it takes them to deploy.

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