About Us

Our Mission

We believe the ways places are designed and operated – and the technologies within them – should be helpful and empowering for people and their communities.

Helpful Places helps organizations, and the communities they serve, harness the power of technology in ways that are transparent, inclusive, participatory, and in alignment with community goals.

One of the ways we do that by stewarding and advancing the adoption of Digital Trust for Places and Routines (DTPR), an open-source communication standard to increase transparency and accountability for digital technology in public places.



Jackie Lu

President + Co-Founder

Helpful Places is a mission-driven company based in Canada led by Jackie Lu, a leader in smart cities with more than two decades of public service and technology implementation experience.

Formerly at Sidewalk Labs and the founding Director of Data Analytics at the NYC Parks Dept, she has more than 20 years of experience implementing data and tech that helps improve public spaces.

Our Team


Jonathan Pichot

Product + Technical Lead


Adrienne Schmoeker

Partnerships + Engagement


Jason Farra

Operations + Communications


Charles Finley

DTPR Governance Lead


Asher Lipman

Delivery & Technical Product Associate


Jyoti Singh Dhillon

Design Research & Product Associate


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